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Rising above your circumstances

In today’s world kids and teens are faced with many challenges that affect their general wellbeing. These include:

  • Bullying
  • Stress
  • Abuse
  • Peer pressure
  • Trauma
  • Death in the family
  • Heartbreak

These are just some of the things kids and teens are faced with in everyday lives. These challenges manifest as troubled behaviour such as:

  • Aggression
  • Suicide
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Rebellion
  • Addiction
  • Etc

To adults these challenges seem minor as we have already survived childhood. The challenges faced by adults seem so much worse.

It is important to remember that to children these challenges are being faced right now and they are very real with very real consequences.

Remember how tough those years were for you!

Adults experience the same kind of symptoms that often mask childhood experiences. You will be amazed to find just how much of your adult lifestyle and relationships are influenced by the ways we were raised. Maybe everything you are dealing with is just too much to handle and you cannot take it anymore! Adult, teenager or child, Counselling can be a wonderful experience that can help you overcome your challenges in everyday life. 


Relationship Counselling
using Imago Therapy

            Imago Therapy: a form of relationship therapy that takes place over 12 weeks.

  • It is a way for couples (and families) to talk about their problems and frustrations without “blaming” or “attacking” one another.
  • (“relationship” refers to all forms of relationships such as family, romantic and friendships).
  • Imago looks at and works on the basic relationship building blocks like understanding, communication and needs.
  • Relationships are based on needs and the other persons willingness to try and fulfill those needs.
  • The outcome of a relationship is dependent on two individuals and the dynamics between them.
  • The main aim of Imago is to help couples communicate better, allowing them to address their problems

The 12-Week Layout

Week 1: Partner Profile.

  • In this first week we will focus on the things you like and dislike about each other.
  • You will compare each other’s traits with Imago traits.
  • The exercise will help you make constructive use of the information.

Week 2: Your Relationship Vision.

  • This week’s focus is on seeing the potential in the relationship.

Week 3: Imago Workup.

  • Focus on recording and sumarising information based on childhood wounds.

Week 4: Childhood Wounds & Frustration

  • Focus is on childhood frustrations, events and how you reacted to them.
  • We will look at patterns in your childhood in relation to your behaviour within your relationship.
  • Research shows that childhood wounds have a direct impact on adult relationships.

Week 5: Couple’s Dialogue.

  • This week, training is provided on accurate listening, understanding and validating each other's points of view.
  • We also focus on expressing empathy for one another’s feelings.
  • Regular practice of these skills will lead to clear and effective communication skills and a deeper emotional connection.
  • You will learn to replace “reacting” with “empathic understanding.”

Week 6: The Non-Exit Decision.

  • The exercise for this week serves two purposes:
  1. It will ensure that you work through these exercises together.
  2. It gradually increases your level of intimacy.

Week 7: The Fun List

  • Focus is on designing and intensifying your emotional bond, deepening feelings of safety and pleasure.

Week 8: The Surprise List.

  • The purpose of this week is to augment caring behaviours with unanticipated pleasures, adding to the feeling of safety and bonding.

Week 9: Re-Romanticising.

  • Focus is on sharing specific information about what pleases you.
  • We look at agreeing to please each other on a regular basis, turning your relationship into a zone of safety.

Week 10: Stretching

  • This week we focus on your partner’s deepest needs, giving you the opportunity to change your behaviour so that you meet those needs.
  • As you stretch against your resistance, your partner will be healed, and you will become a whole and loving individual.

Week 11: Container Transaction Days.

  • Focus is on expressing anger and resentment towards each other.
  • Container transaction allows deeper feelings to emerge and reduces fear of anger for both of you.

Week 12: Visualisation of Love.

  • The exercise in this week amplifies the positive changes you have been making in your relationship through the suggestive power of visualisation.
  • It becomes a daily meditation.

Why Phoenix Counselling?

My aim is to help clients experience personal growth through various therapeutic techniques.

I assist you to find healthy ways to cope with everyday life and challenges (traumatic experience or simply everyday life) that has led to hopelessness.

I am qualified to work with adults, children and teenagers.

I believe that it is possible to rise above our challenges.


About Me


My  name is Kaylee Julian and I am registered as a counsellor with the Council for Counsellors in South Africa (CCSA). In 2018 I started my private counselling practice “Phoenix Counseling.”

I completed a psychology degree in 2016 and went on to do a short practical course shortly before I opened my practice. I started out volunteering at a local recreational centre while working a part time waitressing job. I have learnt so much while working as a waitress and feel that It has strongly contributed to my counselling career because that is where I started truly learning about people, and how to work with all the different personalities out in the world.

I chose this career path when I was only 16 and it has been one difficult, but amazing journey ever since. It is so easy to get swallowed in by the noise of the world that leaves us emotionally vulnerable and insecure. We all have so much strength inside us, we have so much power that we have given away to our troubles and negative situations. My aim is to help you take back that strength and that power so that you can become the best version of yourself.

Understanding the stigma surrounded by receiving help for mental health, and our busy lifestyles, I also offer online counselling via Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp video call.

Therapeutic Techniques


Relationship Counselling

Play Therapy

Emotional analytical therapy

Narrative counselling

Behavior and Motivation

Sexuality Counselling

Cognitive counselling

Children’s counselling


Projective Testing

Trauma counselling

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