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Rising above your circumstances

Phoenix Counseling offers counseling for adults, teenagers, and children. Using various techniques from play therapy, art and talk therapy, you can overcome things like:
  • Behavioral problems such as aggression, self-harm, rebellion…
  • Emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression, emotional outbursts…
  • Trauma – whether it be childhood/long term trauma or a single event that has taken place.
  • Grief and bereavement,
  • Or maybe you just want to discover who you are and embark on a self-love journey improving your self-esteem and sense of purpose in life.
Whatever your reason, counseling is a great way to learn how to cope with everyday struggles and circumstances that are too overwhelming. It is a wonderful way to get to know you and form a strong sense of identity. You do not need to wait until things get completely out of control before taking up counseling as a step to improve and find yourself.

Relationship Counseling

The Imago program works on the building blocks of relationships such as communication, understanding and fulfillment of needs. A brochure of the full program is available upon request.

Most people believe this is a step to take when their relationship is hanging by a thread. Yes, trying to rekindle the romance and fix what may have been broken is a fine reason to seek help. But relationship counseling can also be used to correct the small challenges before the relationship becomes completely unsewn. It can also be used as a premarital tool to help strengthen the relationship before making, what we hope to be, a lifelong commitment.

Relationship counseling is not only for marriages and romantic relationships, but can also be used for other types of relationships such as parent-child, siblings, work relations etc


About Me

 My name is Kaylee Julian, I opened my practice in 2018 and haven’t looked back since. I love my work and find it to be fulfilling and believe that I have found my purpose in this career path. Make no mistake, it certainly has come with a set of challenges, but I have always been the type of person to find a way to accomplish my goals.

Although I am a counsellor, I am not immune to facing challenges that every other person faces. I am still human, and, in my work, I do my best to always relate to clients on a human level. 

Before I went into this career field, I worked in the restaurant industry. This was an amazing experience that contributed to my choice in becoming a counsellor. This is where I learnt how to truly work with people based on personality types, whether it be a positive or negative situation. Within my work I have learnt a lot about who I am and where I would like to be in my life.

I am continuously doing training and courses to better myself within my work, as the field of psychology is ever changing. My biggest challenge is also my favorite part of my work, that is the fact that everybody is different, and I need to account for the fact that I need to constantly adjust techniques to suit each person. Often times I need to find new techniques. “One size fits all” definitely does not apply when it comes to counselling.

Therapeutic Techniques

Relationship Counselling

Play Therapy

Emotional analytical therapy

Narrative counselling

Behavior and Motivation

Sexuality Counselling

Cognitive counselling

Children’s counselling


Projective Testing

Trauma counselling

 Greif and Bereavement

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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I assist you to find a way to cope with everyday life and challenges (traumatic experience or simply everyday life) that has led to hopelessness.

I am qualified to work with adults, children and teenagers.