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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to take children out of the uncomfortable mainstream school environment which includes things like bullying, lack of academic support, isolation, high expectations and give them the freedom to be themselves while still getting an education. Our student intake is small enough to enable us to give each child the individual attention that they need.

We aim to help children, and young adults, who are in situations where completing school is difficult, such as falling pregnant at a young age or young adults who were not able to complete school due to negative home circumstances. We provide a safe environment where having a baby at a young age, or being older than you should be in school or in a specific grade is not frowned upon or judged.

We would like to see our centre grow along with our students and will do our very best to make this happen. We offer multiple curriculums, and help each student find the best curriculum suited for them that benefits their future and chosen careers so that they can grow to their full potential.


Hi I'm Sherry


How did we start and why the name?

On the 10th of April 2018 Arms of An Angel opened it’s doors as we started with 1 student and myself (Sherry) as her tutor with a round table that took up most of my lounge area. I was then seeing parents that were very unhappy with the mainstream systems for so many different reasons, so I started to offer my services. We grew in no time, and I had to plan for new premises, so I moved the school to a family members home. When we started here in October 2018, I had not only got a new premises but also hired my first employee. With her helping the juniors and me the older kids we carried on into 2019 where we have grown and met some very awesome people along the way. Some of these people really enable my passion to help children be a reality.

Many people have asked about where the name came from, it is really a very simple story. At the time I decided I wanted to open the tutor centre I was helping at the company my sister works for and the song “In the Arms of an Angel” was playing on the radio. So I went on google and found the words to this song and the words “SPEND ALL YOUR TIME WAITING FOR THAT SECOND CHANCE FOR A BREAK THAT WOULD MAKE IT OKAY,” Really stood out to me. This is what I want to do. I want to give kids and young adults that have given up on life and education a second chance. I want to be able to inspire  change in their lives and help them on the right path, motivating them to carry on. Not only in school, but in life and in a career they would be happy and satisfied with.

Mini Angels

These is our youngest kids from 3 months and those doing grade R and grade RR. We make use of play as a way to make learning fun and interesting. Here they learn the basics they need to know before moving over to "big school."


This is from grade 4 to 7. These kids are getting really big as they move from the assessment phase to writing exams. We begin to prepare them for the life of high school.

Guardian Angels

Our high school class from grade 8 to Matric as well as our GED students. They each have their own Angel in Training that they must guide and show good leadership skills to. We prepare our guardians for life after school by taking it a step further. We have helped students start their own businesses and do our best to guide them through life.

Angels in Training

Here we have grade 1 to Grade 3 classes. They learn basic structure and start to learn how to work on their own. they also get guidance from the older kids who helps them face everyday challenges.

The Arms (of the Angel)

Finally, we have the tutors and even parents of our students. Our aim is to uplift and protect our children and support them in every dream they have. More than that we want to guide them and lead them onto the best path possible. We do everything in our power to see our kids succeed in life.


We have loads of fun too!!!

At Arms of an Angel Academy tutor centre, we make ach childs's birthday special. We host seasonal events such as valentines day ball and easter egg hunts. We take part in many charity events as well, teaching our kids compassion and love. For our younger kids we have weekly dress up themes that even some of our tutors take part in!

Why are we the school for you child?

Besides our fun events, celebrations and arts and crafts, our classes are not over full allowing us as tutors to give your child the individual attention they need with their school work. We allow your child to work at his or her pace. There is no pressure to keep up with everyone else or waiting for them to catch up to you. We are interactive with the parents, as we believe helping a child excel is a team effort between you, us and the child. We create a safe, judgement free environment for children to discover who they are as individuals and find their place in society. All our tutors are passionate about helping your child excel in school and life.


Contact Details

Tel: 066 026 4624
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Where can you find us?
5A Main Reef Road, Mindalore, Krugersdorp.
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Registration Numbers:

Impaq:  H6074
EIFEA:  C111918


I assist you to find a way to cope with everyday life and challenges (traumatic experience or simply everyday life) that has led to hopelessness.

I am qualified to work with adults, children and teenagers.